About Us

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” – Anaïs Nin

Who we are?

Xplore Content was founded by Gautam Singhal and Atreyee Chowdhury, a husband and wife team. It was born in July 2008 in Pune, India. Atreyee, at that time, was struggling hard to establish her career as a Technical Writer and would manage to make some extra bucks after work hours by writing articles for a handful of clients based in India. Gautam was working for an international BPO in the capacity of an Assistant Operations Manager. It was at this time that they realized that the World Wide Web was lacking serious talent when it comes to website content.

Now located in Bangalore, India, Xplore Content was born out of exceptional customer handling experience of Gautam and an undeniable passion for writing of Atreyee. Together, they have worked to form a web content writing company that places customers at the forefront when it comes to the writing business. Today, Xplore Content has worked with several medium and small-scale businesses across the globe. It has earned the reputation of being a Numero Uno choice when it comes to providing web content that has the power to engage audience from the very first word.

What makes Xplore Content different from other service providers is the fact that they lend a personal touch in everything they offer, be it a specific content writing project or communicating to the client the best practices prevailing in their industry.

Xplore Content also focuses on quality over quantity. In the words of Gautam, “We prefer to under commit and over deliver. Out business objective lies in establishing long-term association rather than one-time profit making”.

Why Choose Us?

1. SEO Optimised

You do not have to worry about optimizing your articles for SEO purposes as we will do so for you at no extra charge. All you have to do is give us the keywords and the title of the article and we will write the article as per SEO rules focussing the keywords. In short all the articles will be keyword optimized.

2. 100% Unique & Plagiarism Free Content

The articles and blogs that we write are 100% unique and have fresh content. Not only that, we pass every article and blog, that we write for our clients, through CopyScape before delivering it to them.

3. Free Revisions

We try to understand what you need and deliver the same. But if any time you feel that the article of blog written for you is not as per your expectations or if you think it needs revision we will do so at no extra cost. You can ask for three free revisions and get the articles customized as per your requirements.

4. 100% Ownership of Articles

Once we deliver the articles and blogs to you, you get full ownership of them. You can sell them, edit them or post them anywhere you like. Do whatever you feel like as you are the owner now. Not only that, we do not give or show as a sample the articles written for you to someone else. So you can be assured of the ownership of the articles you get.

Our Skills

Skill 1 / 75%
Skill 2 / 90%
Skill 3 / 80%
Skill 4 / 30%

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